Another Day

Okay, sitting here bored out of my effing mind, which is no fun by the way. There wasn’t much to do today except go to the dentist and get a filling. Which left the right side of my face numb for hours, but that’s not what this post is about…

It’s just one of those days that has for no apparent reason has become a day where I’d rather hide underneath the covers and just wait for the next day, hoping its better then today. I’m sure everyone has them, and to put it plainly, they suck more then a whore. If that’s even possible?

I have no idea where the month of May has even gone to, but I’m looking forward to more decent weather, being able to go swimming, I’m like a bloody fish. Hopefully it brightens my moods a little more. I just think being stuck in the house all the time gets to you. Which it does. I’m pretty amazed that I haven’t been sent tithe funny farm yet from going crazy, I’m sure it will come soon enough, but hopefully I’ll have more of a life then.


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