You Call Yourself A Father?

Not in the best of moods, so this post is going to sound mean..

My Dad

I guess most girls are “Daddy’s little girl” and continue to be their entire life. Well I use to be when I was younger, but that all changed around the time I hit middle school. He stopped doing things with me, I suppose that was the beginning of our downward spiral of a relationship. Of course being a teenager you tend to stray away from your parents and try to be more independent.

We grew apart more and more as middle school went on. High school was the biggest blow to our relationship. I wasn’t the best teenager daughter, I skipped school, got into the wrong group of friends, but he never said anything other then what a parent should.

After I switched high schools, I met a guy, and he was sweet at first, but later on showed his true colours. It was not too long after my parents separated that I had him and a few of his friends over, I trusted him, what was the harm. Turned out, I should have seen the signs along. His friends stole from our house, I had no idea.. How did I let them steal and me not see it happen?? Well my Dad obviously knew because it was him from they stole from. He woke me up in the middle of night, shaking with rage. Yelling, asking who I let in the house, I told him because I wasn’t going to lie to him. Skip more yelling, and he told me these exact words “as far as I’m concerned I no longer have a daughter” He’s never apologized for being so mad, and never apologized that I truly made a mistake. I think this is what caused him to hate me so much.

Ever since then, he’s been the type of person to call me out on everything, he calls me stupid, a moron, that I will never amount to anything. That I will end up in a box on the street because I can’t do anything. Yes, these words and more are basically an every day occurrence. I’ve tried everything to try and salvage our ruined relationship, he won’t even try.

Everything I do is a complete shit ball to him. He isn’t supportive at all, and if I do something that can let him bitch, then the skies open up and he just lets go. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m done with it, I know it’s probably mean, but I mean he’s not someone who, when I was younger looked up to, thought the world of. I don’t trust him. I think he’s mentally abusive, he’s told me more then once, if he could do it all over again that he would never have had children. So thanks Dad, or if you even deserve that name.


6 thoughts on “You Call Yourself A Father?

  1. Hey there, just wanted to say that reading this story gave me chills a little bit because I saw my story reflected in your words as well. I’ve been going through the same relationship with my father since I was in high school, and by now, I’ve pretty much just gotten to the point of the fact that he is not interested in being a part in my life anymore, which doesn’t feel fair because you wonder what happing to that superhero you had when you were young.
    But anywho, I think that situations like this one can only make you stronger, and will grow you into a better person above all.

    You are brave already for sharing your story 🙂

    Kastiyos 🙂

    1. hey girl that was a bit of a braking point for you two and im sure you’ve just about had it. all i can say is family is family and yes there is a lot of bad but there is still some good to. try to focus on the positive and forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. that way when someone calls you down it wont hurt u quite so bad. Let go of the mean and hurtful things and realise that parents are humans to they can become jaded and they make terrible mistakes to. I know u r strong and can overcome ne obstacle in your way. you need to get on your feet get out of that house and away from the negative influences in your world. Absence may not make the hart grow stronger but it might give you enough time to begin to heal your sole. the feature is now. so find yourself become who you r and move on. you cant control how others feel about you, you can only control how you feel about your self.
      ttyl hun

      1. Thanks Hun, that means a lot. I don’t think me and dad will ever get to a good point again in our relationship but I’m looking forward to getting out asap. It’s going to be the best thing for me.

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