Life As A Kid, Memories

I remember being a kid, I was 9, a week before my 10th birthday. Unfortunately, I was sitting in the hospital room while a nurse was trying to get a tiny battery out of my nasal cavity. Many lectures, acid burn in my nose, I was good to go. I still wonder why I decided it was a good idea at the time.

I remembered being so excited because I was hitting ‘double digits’. I was then counting until I was 16 when I could get my license. And also because it meant that I could then walk to the bus stop by myself.. The things we wished for as a kid lol.

As a kid I was a magnet to anything that would get me in trouble and getting hurt. My best friend, my partner in crime when I was younger, we were always into something. When I first met her, I was walking down the whistle stop (still don’t know why it was called that) but I seen a girl and she was playing by herself. I went up to her and said who I was and if she wanted to be my best friend, trouble started there lol.

We went back to my house and my parents, I don’t even know what they were thinking, all they knew was I practically managed to ‘kidnap’ a child lol. Several attempts later I explained who she was. They then called her mom to her relief someone didn’t pick her child up on the side of the road. It was only me lol. Honestly, at the time neither one of us thought this was something to freak out about.

We did a lot, bike riding, breaking glass on a rock (not the smartest) and of course climbing on trees, using these big ‘leaves’ we found off another small tree (in reality they were the length of my arm then) and trying to fly with them. Endless bruises, scrapes, laughing, it was determined that our flying wasn’t going to work.

Being younger my brothers who were older then me tried to play with me as much as they could. Which to me was awesome. I remember playing soccer with my oldest brother on the deck and I fell and well there was a piece of wood and a long nail and the flat end went through my knee. I was nailed to a two by four.

Surprisingly, I didn’t cry. Which I think it was because my brother and dad picked me up and said big girls don’t cry. I still have that awful scar.

We use to have a “car graveyard” where every car from before I was born went to die behind our garage. I use to sit in them and pretend I was driving.

The lack of things to do, and my imagination were endless. My uncle lived next door so I usually was over there playing with his dog and bringing mine over as well. He didn’t have children but I loved walking the drive path between our houses to go over there. Unless it was dark then my uncle would have to stand on one side and my dad on the other lol. My imagination had me scared of some sort of evil animal hiding on either side on the drive path. It wasn’t long to be honest and you could see perfectly from either side. But after dark it was something I hated.

I could ramble on and on about the many things I did as a kid, some were stupid, some were just everyday kid things but somehow my friends and I always turned them into something that either got us lost, hurt, or scolded lol.


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