Guilty Pleasures

This has nothing to do with sex, just so you know lol

I have a few of these guilty pleasures, most of which my wallet screams in pain lol

Purses! I have enough to fill multiple garbage bags lol, I just like options lol
Wallets lol, I don’t have as many but I do love them
Flip Flops and High Heels
Nail Polish, anything manicure or pedicure related lol
Books, I’m like a library lol. I love to read
Pens lol. I’m a huge pen fan, black ink only lol. I have so many of the damn things I could give an entire school body one lol.
Phones, I usually stick with a phone for about a year before I’m off the to the newest model. I was an avid BB user for several years, but switched to an iPhone in October 2012
I hoard just about anything lol. I’m not proud of this one but I have cards going back from when I was 16, and receipts for some reason I’ll keep for the longest time lol

Those are most guilty pleasures, I know the last one doesn’t really fit in, but it had to make the list lol.


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