How I Met LG And Fell In Love

Meeting LG was not my plan, it wasn’t my plan to meet anyone, coming out of a relationship a couple months prior I wasn’t looking. But that’s when it gets you. I have had my share of meeting people off of dating sites, some I dated, others, no thanks. But I came across LG’s profile randomly. He had caught my attention. The eyes and smile, it initially led me to click on his profile and read up. He seemed to be an alright guy. I never was any good at meeting guys on my own, so this online dating seemed perfect, I wasn’t so shy. I eventually got the courage to message LG. he messages me back not too long after and I have to say I was pretty excited. We exchanged small talk, mostly about the playoffs, Montreal Canadiens were in the playoffs and they are my favourite team. Sadly, they lost. After a bit of chatting on the site LG had said goodnight… I couldn’t wait to message him again.

After talking for a day or two I asked him for his number so we could text, he said no, that he wanted to get to know me better. I was let down but at the same time I was relieved that he still wanted to talk to me lol. Skip a couple more days ahead and we had exchanged phone numbers, and Facebook not to long after. We were constantly texting each other. We would talk all day and it would lead into the wee hours of the morning. We began talking on the phone and I hadn’t met the guy but I was starting to feel something for him. We clicked, our views on everything matched, clicked, and was perfect. From there we decided to meet up. My house was as good as any, he showed up, my heart was beating, I had butterflies, I was on the verge of grinning my face off… Before hand I let LG know that I was ‘broken’, I had panic attacks, I had anxiety, I felt he should know before hand. He was super ok with it. He told me it was alright and he didn’t mind. I couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t scared, he didn’t run.

When LG showed up at my house, I walked into the kitchen with a shy smile, and saw this tall handsome man, dark hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could melt the ice off a polar bear. He was better then his picture, it didn’t do him justice. Our day was pretty casual, we watched some River Monsters, thanks Netflix! And we went out to the pet store. After that he asked if I wanted something to eat, I agreed so we just picked up Wendy’s. we came back to my house, I put on Netflix again, put my food on the dresser and sat next to LG. The feelings I had while just texting and talking we’re there when we met. It’s so silly now, but he attempted to grab my hand, and got my wrist instead. Me? Perfectly happy lol. I could tell we were both shy, and that was ok. A couple hours later, he was heading off. I was sad to see him leave, but we ended up the texting the entire night and about our day.

Our first date, it was raining, its May, you can’t expect much else. It was at night when LG picked me up, we drove around and ended up back in front of my place across the street, chatting in his car. He learned then I was stubborn lol, I had put the sunroof up because, well I could. I refused to put it back up, regardless of the rain coming down on us. He eventually gave in and put the leaking car to a rest. Shortly after that, a cop was driving up my street, to me this not the norm because I live on a dead end street and its basically pretty short. Then the cop car had turned around and came back down the hill, with his spot light on mind you. The next thing you know, the cop is at his door asking what we’re doing. He told the officer that we were on a date, I think I giggled, I liked the thought. I had spoke up and told him I lived right directly across the street. He seemed satisfied and left. Apparently, one of my neighbours, still don’t know who to this day had called the police because they hadn’t seen the car around before and were worried. Thinking back now, it’s a subdivision, and there are lots of kids that live around here. (Must be something in the water lol)

Not to long after LG had kissed me, butterflies and butterflies, I was so happy. After the initial kiss I felt awesome… Some time later, it was pretty late maybe 2 or so, LG and I said we would call it a night. He walked me to my door, in true gentlemen style, gave me a kiss and was on his way. Skip a couple days to May 14,2011. We had become a couple, I was bubbling with all this happiness and other things I never knew existed. It was clear, LG was different.

Skip a bit, it was our second or third anniversary (time flew with him, it’s not that I didn’t care) I was at his house for the night, I knew I loved him, I just couldn’t say it. It wasn’t like me to fall for someone so hard, so fast. Thanks to my lovely pills that I take before bed for insomnia, well I found out that night that if you stay up while their working, you get really silly, laughing. I was trying to explain on the wall with finger in the pure dark that I loved him. After much time he figured it out. I was smiling shyly, although he couldn’t see, but he said the words back. It was the best feeling ever. He had admitted that he had felt the same way for a while.

As of today we have been together for over 2 years now, I’m going to marry LG, and he says the same. I couldn’t ask for a better man to spend my life with


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