At The End Of The Da….Afternoon


Well, this post obviously is about money. There never seems to be enough does there? Well unless your Bill Gates or something. Because I can’t work I’ve been approved by the federal government for funding. In other words. Medical money. Now that’s not a bad thing, but how does one live off 400$ a month? I’ve gone and applied and for long term where it’s been 3 years since I’ve stopped, surely thinking okay, they actually get it. Naw. They disapproved me faster then the sneaky kid that steals your pies off your sill. That’s pretty fast.

I am grateful that I do get money, but I find its gone by the afternoon cause I’m paying bills (not like there’s much in the way of that) I smoke, so yes a portion goes to that nasty little goose, and medication. Oh and the bank fees. Bank fees. They love to eat my money. They are the money eater. Now I have to say I have a good bank and a good plan. But up my arse its expensive.

At the end of the afternoon I’m down to mere little dollars. Doesn’t leave much for fun, or say when I run out of shampoo and such. Some things go unpaid. Well because hygiene is much more important then a silly cell phone bill.

But what gets my goat is that 400$ is nearly not enough. I don’t understand why they aren’t upping the funding. From what I was told the government got a 7% increase for medical and non medical funding. In my mind, can’t ya’ll agree that it is a little to silly. I mean technically I get 537$ but take out what’s called household income. Really? Now this is were I have a tad bit of problem with these folks.

my attempt to be mad

Now I’m not sitting on my arse not working because I don’t feel like it, it’s because of my doctor I’m not allowed. Least until I can get panic attacks under control enough. Which brings me to this, why is it that people sitting on their arse not working cause they don’t want to get more money then me? Call me a baby, but I do think its unfair.

I don’t drink, or go to the bars, or do any sort of drug. So my extra money doesn’t go there. I suppose if I quit smoking that would bring me more money. With that being said, and the things going on, I’m sure I’d be in jail for murder.

It just confuses me. The government itself confuses the heck out of me.

I suppose this should be the end of this rant before I become a rambling fool lol.


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