Yourself, And Other Things


There’s a lot to being yourself. It’s not the easiest question to answer by any means. I always find myself asking this multiple times, truth is, I’m never really sure. We are constantly changing, nothing is constant. Of course, people would say being yourself is constant. Is it really? You are always everyday finding something new about yourself. Whether it’s what you like, don’t like, etc. It’s a constant change. Our beliefs change over time (no, not every single person, but you get it) Our tastes change, we try to better ourselves.

Being yourself to me, is doing what you believe is best for you. Not for your family, friends, partner, but for you. Yes you, reading this post. Of course sometimes we stumble, fail, but that’s all part of finding out who you are. If you don’t have fails or stumbles along the way you aren’t doing it right. Now I don’t mean to sound like I’m all knowing, but what I mean is no one is perfect. We all fall. But getting back up and starting again says a lot.

If the future you from 10 years is to appear you wouldn’t think you would be like that person. Maybe in the way of lifestyle. But would you think that the future maybe finally decided to do that one thing that present you is completely scared of? You never know. Every step we take changes our lives in the littlest of ways but has the biggest outcome.

So yeah, maybe you, right now in this moment know who you are, but things change… That sounds horribly negative but I don’t mean it to. I’m talking about everything positive right now. If you don’t know who are you fully that’s okay! If your happy with you then who can tell you different?

I for one don’t always know who I fully am. But I know the majority, and that’s what counts.

I’m sorry if this post doesn’t make much sense. What I’m trying to say about being yourself is that we fall, change, better ourselves, and do what’s best for us. That’s what makes you, yourself.

Nothing is ever written in stone, we can always change the things we wish to change and continue to be the person we wish to be.


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