The Past, The Present, The Future

I’m sure that any person can relate or know someone that this relates to, but for some reason it’s always a later thing or it just never happens.

Of course or past is filled with things we’ve done that most we wish we could change a little or have completely not have done it at all. We have things in our past that are great, defining moments, moments of pure joy and content. We can’t change the past of course, and even though some of us wish we could, you wouldn’t be who you are today.

The past is something we learn from, whether our past is spotty, filled with memories that are bad, or good, these moments make up who you are. It makes us.

Some let it dominate their life and their choices they continue to make, some learn and continue to be better people. Some hide from the past. I can understand all three of these, and why which person does this.

If we let our past rule our life we aren’t stepping ahead, stepping backwards but yet, staying on the same stone. Life would be wonderful if you took that step off this stone and moved to the next. Learning from your past is no different. We are moving from each stone. Correcting, or perfecting each and every move. Not saying that everyone must be perfect, but if you are trying then that’s perfect to me. There is no such thing as perfect, there never was nor will be. Hiding from our past is stepping from each stone but the stones from the past are blocked by a wall of fog. The past is nothing but the past in any case. It’s an amazing feeling once you confront it, make ammends, or even accept. It brightens, the fog is lifted. 

The Present to me is still learning. Everyday we are learning something new. Whether it be a new way of trying something, changing your looks, or even taking the past and learning from it. There are a million different ways that the present works. One way will not lead in the same direction as another. We think, rationalize, over think, but in the end the move you make, is now part of you. I don’t want this or make anyone think negative about it because it’s not. It’s a wonderful thing. We go about life thinking of stressful matters, or just going on with life, but how many times do we actually stop and take that moment to realize how lucky we are. To take note of the beautiful sky, to appreciate the things we have and to tell the people we love that we love them every chance we get? I know I don’t always but it would make things more beautiful about life. Knowing it’s not all about the dates due for bills, yelling at the car because it’s broken, or stressing over things that have not yet to come or never will. Of course it’s good to have good stress because if we never planned or even thought about what we were having for supper, life would be a mess. But taking time to stop and catch a breath is important I believe.

The future will always be something we don’t know, we have ideas and plans but for the most part it’s a mystery. It’s exciting, and scary all at the same time but it’s learning. Something we will never stop doing. It’s wonderful!


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