Rob Zombie Hate?

I read this and found it quite interesting

For the love of pancakes! I read this and found this absolutely horrid. Not only did the person who wrote this completely took this out of scale, but saying he hates kids and skateboarding? I’m sorry, but I believe everyone is entitled to peace and quiet. The comments (I haven’t red all of them) are criticizing because he is a musician and film maker he is a hypocrite? Because he wants some peace and quiet? I’m sorry but this to me seems wrong. I’m not sure if this is because he is famous and was the first to approach council about the issue, or if it gave someone the chance to ‘bash’ on someone else.

My first reaction to reading this, was people need to calm down, he’s the same as everyone else. Maybe not in the sense that he does what most people don’t, but I’m sure you get my point.

Give it a read. I’m not being judgmental but I think that the post was a little rough…


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