My Wish

My Wish For You

You may of thought from the beginning that this was awesome. Another success. But little did you know, it wasn’t. Suddenly, all the hopes and dreams came crashing down one by one. Things were said, things that by standards should not have been said aloud. That perfect image was gone and was replaced by an image of constant failure and disappointment. Where did you go so wrong? What could have you done to deserve this? There’s too many possible answers playing through your head. You want this image gone. You are willing to do everything in your power to make it so that image is perfect once again. Your failed attempts lead you to be harsh, cruel, and unforgiving at times. You’ve became someone that has be hidden, waiting deep inside to unleash itself. You would not have gone this root, this root wasn’t meant for you you say. This wasn’t it. You regret the past and become angrier each passing day. Soon enough it consumes you. You’ve become unhinged. Now there’s nothing that will make it go away. You don’t want any part in anything. You’ve come to a point where you’re just living to die. You’ve become so disillusioned that you can’t see the damage that has been placed. Not only in you, in others. You are creating more hate then good. You can’t see this through your fast tempered eyes. Your mouth speaks faster then your mind. You don’t see the things you say or do create more then just words. They have impact.

My wish for you is to see the person you have become and realize everything you have done or said has an effect.

That’s my wish….


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