There’s a War in My Mouth; No One is Winning

“It’s fighting for space” ….. Come again?

Wisdom teeth, art thou a pain in my @##. Yes, that’s right, my bottom wisdom teeth and the gum behind it (towards the back of my mouth) are fighting. For what? Space… I always thought I had a pretty big mouth, guess not.

As my dentist said, who by the way is one of the greatest men alive, thanks to him, I’m no longer scared of the dentist. But yes, my dentist told me when I went to see him a few months back complaining of my back gums hurting and it was starting to hurt when I swallowed. I had assumed it was my wisdom teeth growing in still. 25 and they aren’t fully up, well it turned out it was an infection. Oh?

Turns out my wisdom teeth since they aren’t able to fully grow in because of my gums there is a tiny flap of gum, completely microscopic that hovers over my wisdom teeth, because of this when I eat sometimes the food particle gets stuck under it and since you don’t realize it’s there and you can’t exactly lift it up it will get infected from time to time. Perfect…

My options, have the bottom two removed, which is not a big deal where the top ones got pulled 2 years ago almost. Or have them cut my gums and remove part of it. Well, you can see the option that I’m willing to take.

I leave the dentist prescription in hand for some medicine that’s going to take care of the nasty little problem. About 5 months later and my gum is now sore. I still haven’t gotten the teeth pulled, who wants to be pricked with needles, numb, your tongue might as well not exist, and the drooling that comes over.

I now have an appointment with the dentist on the 30th and see when he can yank the stupid things.

It’s a war in my mouth right now, either tooth nor gum is not winning, I’m not winning and my pain threshold is getting low.

On the bright side I can now count it as part of my body that’s been removed. Seriously, I’ve had my gallbladder go Chuck Norris and has since been removed, other wisdom teeth, and my eyes are getting worse every time I see my optometrist. I believe it’s safe to say if this keeps up, I’m going to go insane. I think a good talking with my body will help set it straight… Maybe.


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