In This Crazy World

In this crazy world we live in, can we ever just for a second stop everything and take a minute just to be free of everything? Most of us on a daily basis are constantly thinking of something, whether it’s money, work, friends, or relationships. Do we ever give ourselves that time we truly deserve?

For me, my mind is always going even when I have taken the time out to just relax or have that well needed ‘get away from this crazy world,’ I always find myself going back to the same stuff I worry about before I decided I needed a break from worrying. Maybe it’s programed into our heads that we learned from our parents, other adults, and becoming adults ourselves that being older is always dreaded with worry and stress.

Although, I could very well be wrong in some people’s cases. Some can find that spot that they can just go to mentally or a physical place and just forget about the world for a little while. If I could I think I would need someone else replacing me to make sure my stressing out over every little detail is accomplished….


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