It’s Been Awhile…

For those of you who follow my posts I am sorry I haven’t written on here in awhile. The last few months have been hectic and I haven’t really had time to turn on the computer at all. All in all, everything has been good; more doctor appointments then I can handle and had a nice vacation in Miramichi 🙂 Which is what I love when the warmer weather hits.

We recently had Hurricane Arthur hit us over this past weekend, but the time it us it was considered a tropical storm, either way the damage was pretty good. A lot of broken trees, uprooted trees, power outages, and people still are without power.
Here is a brief news article

Here are some pictures of what Hurricane Arthur left us. The first two are of someone taking advantage of the storm in their own way.

hurricane arthur7

hurricane arthur8

hurricane arthur

hurricane arthur2

hurricane arthur3

hurricane arthur4

hurricane arthur5

hurricane arthur6

Now what is more interesting is after the storm left, they found a skeleton buried under one of the trees that was uprooted.

The news article can be found here.

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