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Family Don’t End In Blood

Not to long after the fire had hit (in some cases within hours) I had an overwhelming amount of support, not only from some of my family but others as well…

I’m apart of a group called ‘AKF’ which is Always Keep Fighting. To me, this isn’t just any group, it is a family. This family was brought together from a television show called Supernatural, from that one of the main characters Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) is an avid supporter of TWLOHA.* Jared does amazing work, creates campaigns, and speaks out about various causes. More importantly, his courage, strength, he speaks out about his own personal struggles with his mental illness, and his ability to push through whatever task is before him, is in a way what created Always Keep Fighting.

Everyone is our family is battling a mental illness, physical illness, struggles on a daily basis, and even multiple things at once. I’m so lucky to know these people, to have them behind me. It is a safe place to let out what you’re feeling no matter what that may be, there is never any judgment. You can always count on them to encourage and help you out along the way.

This family is where I immediately (without mentioning) got an overwhelming amount of love and support. They seen what was happening on the news in my home city and Facebook, I got messages, thoughts, anything you could imagine, it was there.

It doesn’t stop there with my family, after I had posted that Arthur and I had lost our house, without me knowing set up a fund for me to help me get basic things that I had lost. (Did I mention that they can be very sneaky?) People sent money, then Claudia had sent it to me. Can you believe it? I couldn’t at first, it was so overwhelming, I never expected this. It didn’t stop there there, once I had got to my temporary home, I was getting cards, letters, and even books! I even got a very special bracelet that Ronni gave me.

Almost 2 months after the fire I’m still getting letters, cards, well wishes via Facebook.  There has been so many people who have and keep continuing to keep me in their thoughts and prayers. They have wished me nothing but happiness and than some.

These people are the type of people who the world needs more of. The world needs more love, encouragement, strength and selflessness. My family has shown me time and time again  (not just with me) that ‘Family Don’t End In Blood.)** that no matter what I or anyone else is going through they are there, day or night. They will sit up with you, talk, and calm you down. This is what the world needs more of.

I can’t show enough thanks to them, that I can’t even begin to show them what they mean to me and how appreciate how they helped me through the worst time of my life. I know I can’t begin to name everyone, but there are people that I would personally like to thank.

♡ Lydia
♡ Quinn
♡ Emily
♡ Ronni
♡ Jori
♡ Sarah
♡ Saundra
♡ Baylie
♡ Claudia
♡ Audrey
♡ Tiffany
♡ Felly
♡ Nicky
♡ Sherry
♡ Dedra
♡ Judy
♡ Alyssa
♡ Katie
♡ Felicia
♡ Teresa
♡ Lisa
♡ Talia
♡ Nicole
♡ Cassy
♡ Sally
♡ Brittany
♡ Trish
♡ Rae
♡ Jess

☆I did not put last names due to privacy☆

*TWLOHA – To Write Love On Her Names
You can read more about this amazing cause and how they help here

**Family Don’t End In Blood – Supernatural character Bobby Singer.

Bobby Singer


Jared at comic con
Mark Shepard (Crowley) Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) Misha Collins (Castiel)
Jared with the Always Keep Fighting candle

Life Before And After Facebook

Social media, there’s twitter, Facebook, WordPress, weebly, snap chat, and way too many I can think of.. But it all boils down to people connecting with others, whether its family, friends, or you just like to follow people, social media plays a huge part in our lives.

First time I ever heard of Facebook, it was back in 2007, someone asked me if I had Facebook. I had no idea what it was, they told me you could add friends. So I decided to check it out when I got home. I got hooked. I remember the original Facebook, the graffiti wall, bumper stickers, all of it. My Facebook has seen relationships, break ups, and sad to happy Facebook posts.

The constant poking, the messages, writing on people’s wall. The ability to creep on people (I admit it, I’ve done it.) This was all before people and myself of course learned how to lock up our profiles tighter then Fort Knox. I like Facebook, although I mainly go on it now to let people I know I’m still alive and to check up and see what my family is doing and some close friends.

Before Facebook there was the ultimate chat rooms. The creeps, literally. There was the chat servers that only if you both added each other. AOL, ICQ, AIM, MSN, I used ICQ at first, that was gone pretty quick seeing how it was the most useless tool ever. Then there was MSN. As long as you had a hotmail account you were set. And that’s what I did before Facebook hit me.

Now that Facebook has entered my life I barely ever use MSN. I go on it to Skype and this is just recently since they teamed up. Facebook has taken my custom font size, colour, and style to the most famous blue and white Internet page there ever was. It’s also improved where I could find family that I didn’t have on MSN, just by typing in their names. Or if your lazy, go to someone’s friends list and look them up that way.

Facebook is every where’s now, business’s, non profit groups, celebrities, you name it, there’s a page for it. I’ll give it to them, their always coming up with new ways to improve the site, well until you get mad because everything isn’t where you left it. But it’s kept the popularity, the billions of people, if you don’t include the fake profiles. Overall, Facebook has helped me reconnect with people from school, family members that live in different provinces. I post photos, comment, and like. Facebook has changed my views on how we see people. Question is, is it ruining our social skills? Do we depend on a social media site? I don’t think I do, but some it consumes them. It’s like anything. Moderation is key 🙂